I don’t know if you’ve heard this from the HNU Dampas Campus, but the Computer Engineering Department just tested the AAS (Automated Attendance System). It’s a simple program designed and programmed by Charles Migriño on Visual Basic. It’s a quick scan of your ID and you’re logged in into the attendance list. No more crappy […]

Island City Mall, one of Tagbilaran’s oft-visited mall and shopping center is turning 7 this year.  In celebration of it’s 7th anniversary, ICM is holding two big events:  A Photography Contest – Exhibit and the ICM Runniversary.  More details on the posters below.  For more information, follow Island City Mall’s official Twitter account at @IslandCityMall.

If you haven’t seen ICM’s commercial, well here it is. Directed by Ted Ramasola, giving visitors a glimpse of ICM.  This video is now currently showing on local cable and digital cinemas.   You can now also follow Island City Mall on Twitter @IslandCityMall.

Earlier this year, we pointed out on our previous post about Bohol News Sites on how they are lagging behind web standards. Last week though, we saw some quite improvements on Bohol Chronicle and The Bohol Sunday Post.

One of the lessons I’ve learned on traveling is you do not only go to places just to see the sight and take pictures.  As much as you are immersed in a new place, take time to know and learn the local people because what is place without its people?  Bohol is not much different. […]