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Bohol, Philippines

Bohol, Philippines is both a travel article and a book project by Massimo Casal who is now based in Jakarta. This 6-page preview features Bohol’s finest beaches, some history, must-go-see places and exquisite photography.  So if you haven’t set foot in Bohol, download the said preview in PDF format here. Massimo studied as an engineer. […]


One of the lessons I’ve learned on traveling is you do not only go to places just to see the sight and take pictures.  As much as you are immersed in a new place, take time to know and learn the local people because what is place without its people?  Bohol is not much different. […]

Bohol News Websites

It was bit of a comfort to see The Bohol Times rolled out their new online newspaper last April on WordPress.  At least now you have an RSS feed you can plug in to. Yet, they still have a long way to improve their site as to design and user experience. As for The Bohol […]

Tagbilaran’s Trikes

Everyone loves his hometown no matter how many things he may see of it that needs to be done and improved. The tricycles in Tagbilaran are both boon and bane. It charges a mere P7 from any point to another point within the city proper and that’s only about 15 US cents or 21 S […]

The Laughter Last Summer

by Christie Lai Chungz Chie He never was the interrogative type. He doesn’t bother asking anyone about anything except maybe if he has absolutely nothing else to say. He’d just walk pass you and make you wonder with that sense of gloom about how he’s so good at not being noticeably charming but sustains being […]