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Gerarda’s is a classic Filipino-Chinese restaurant located somewhere in Tagbilaran’s roads less traveled.  The place offers a medium range of Filipino, Chinese and fusion with a homely ambiance of a typical Filipino-Chinese home.  The restaurant is a revamped old house, probably ancestral, decked with antiques, pots and Filipino and Chinese decorations.

The OneTouch Nation Goes to Bohol

Alcatel OneTouch Nation in Bohol

When did you last heard of Alcatel in the mobile arena? Personally, during the Nokia 5110 days. I haven’t heard much of the mobile company in decades but I know they were just on the sidelines offering low to mid range phones. After a hiatus of a couple of years, the French-Chinese venture is off to fresh start with Android powered lineup called Alcatel OneTouch and some of us here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol get to sit down with the company’s Product Marketing Executive, Ms. Ellisha Alino during the press meet up.

Bohol Arts Festival 2011

Bohol Arts Festival

The 1st Bohol Arts Festival is an artist-initiated, artist-run event for artists and the Bol-anon community marks the first and biggest gathering of creatives in Bohol, in a three-day celebration and exhibition of Bol-anon arts, culture and creative camaraderie.

Bohol, Philippines

Bohol, Philippines is both a travel article and a book project by Massimo Casal who is now based in Jakarta. This 6-page preview features Bohol’s finest beaches, some history, must-go-see places and exquisite photography.  So if you haven’t set foot in Bohol, download the said preview in PDF format here. Massimo studied as an engineer. […]

Automated Attendance System

I don’t know if you’ve heard this from the HNU Dampas Campus, but the Computer Engineering Department just tested the AAS (Automated Attendance System). It’s a simple program designed and programmed by Charles Migriño on Visual Basic. It’s a quick scan of your ID and you’re logged in into the attendance list. No more crappy […]