Bohol Arts Festival

Bohol Arts Festival 2011

Bohol Arts Festival 2011

The 1st Bohol Arts Festival is an artist-initiated, artist-run event for artists and the Bol-anon community marks the first and biggest gathering of creatives in Bohol, in a three-day celebration and exhibition of Bol-anon arts, culture and creative camaraderie.


With the theme Himugso: The Bol-anon Arts Renaissance, the Bohol Arts Festival 2011 aims to:

  1. Foster community appreciation for the arts, including fine, dramatic, musical, performance, literary and applied arts and architecture, as well as other modern arts such as analogue and digital photography, digital arts, film, body art, industrial design and many others;
  2. Encourage local artists to showcase their art and become more involved in the Bol-anon community;
  3. Unify the Bol-anon artists in the different art disciplines and genres to promote more collaboration between Bohol creatives; and
  4. Boost the Bol-anon culture and arts community, in general.

Visit the Bohol Arts Festival website here and support their Facebook page here.  Here’s a short-film entry from James Famador.

Update: Here’s another short-film entry from TheRLVproduction entitled “Friendchip”.

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