Of Love, Ironies and Ice Cream

Of Love, Ironies and Ice Cream

I don’t want to fall in love,
‘Cause every time I do, I get heartbroken.
Although it’s the kind of feeling that I’ve been missing,
Falling out of love makes the world harder to live in.
Places bring out memories and memories bring out tears,
Tears bring out depression and depression lead to eating ice cream.

Ironic how memories seem so fun when it happened,
But hard to bear when you’re looking back at it.
Ironic how one day you care and love somebody,
But hate and forget them in the end.
Ironic how love brings out so many good things,
But I’m writing it in a poem full of negatives.

Oh, I just don’t want to fall in love.
Not because I push away the love approaching,
Or because nobody has swept me off my feet,
But because I’m still putting back all the pieces of my heart
That was once beating and complete.

(kat 9/20/11)


  1. cute-the way you related love,heart break & ice creams!

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

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