Automated Attendance System

Automated Attendance System

I don’t know if you’ve heard this from the HNU Dampas Campus, but the Computer Engineering Department just tested the AAS (Automated Attendance System). It’s a simple program designed and programmed by Charles Migriño on Visual Basic. It’s a quick scan of your ID and you’re logged in into the attendance list. No more crappy paper mess, stubs, signatures and the like.

A similar system is now being used by other universities outside Bohol and they’ve been using it for quite some time now. I sometimes wonder why we can’t advance to something like that. Young innovators are dime a dozen and they ought to be given credit for thinking ahead.

Though the project is still in it’s infancy stage, during the demonstration it was stable and scanned 300 student IDs in 5 minutes. A printout of the attendance list was immediately available for printing and was posted on the bulletin board.

For more information of the said project add Charles on Facebook here or visit their page on Eye Tricks.

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