Chiray’s Hymn (Bohol)

Now this is a boholana in New York taking her own music genius to pay tribute to the land we love. It describes a peaceful and quiet sunrise in Bohol. The one thing I love about Bohol is waking up to something like this.

Personally I would not want Bohol or even Tagbilaran City to become a bustling metropolis like Cebu or Manila. Our family loves the feel in Bohol, it still has the very feel in a province yet somehow the city also provides you your essential needs. Going back to the song, this is rendered in Cebuano but here below is a translation of Chiray’s hymn to Bohol.

Dawn sky

How sweet it is to listen to your silence
Kissed by the cool breeze.
Singing nothing but silence
…Whistling last night’s memories.

Dawn sky

Who would’ve thought that after the
darkest night, light would come
shining gloriously behind the horizon
Looking down on us.

Dawn sky

Rising in the dawn sky
You are my blessing
This is the land I love,
where I am most loved.

And With my first tear,
You gave me heaven.

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