Virtual Tour PH

Virtual PH is 360° a virtual tour panorama of beautiful sites around the Philippines. I think this is such an amazing concept to promote Bohol and as well as the rest of the Philippines. People want preview, they want if their buck is worth the visit here, so you give them a virtual tour of what’s like to be in a specific place in the Philippines.

Virtual Tour PH

Though the site is not update regularly, some sections are even for further development it’s still a very good concept and I do hope the creators would further develop the site.  This is from their About Us section.

I start searching for topics on the web related to 360° panorama, its not hard finding one since there are a lot of photographers around the globe that do virtual panorama. I just cant imagine if these year is1998 I will have a hard time finding one. Since there are a lot of website that cater panoramic tour and shares the technology behind it, like the hardware and software to use, the problem does not rely on the technology anymore but the challenge goes to how you would come up with a nice 360° panorama.

This started the idea of doing a virtual tour of places were we lived. Our beloved Philippines. You will see different places, tourist spot, resorts, churches etc. all over the Philippines in a different way. Although we are not a traveller nor a professional photographer we just do this as a hobby.. just for the experience but what like other says once you get hooked to this you’ll never stop doing it. So we will continue to bring those gadget, take pictures, create virtual panorama of beautiful views of the Philippines until or into infinity.

We do panorama only if we have time and if we are invited by a common friend to visit their places/province or if its vacation time or if there are zero fare promo from our major airline :), Likewise we may take panorama from places near or with the vicinity. We also have our job to support our family and also to support the materials or upgrades needed for this panoromic hobby. We are trying to produce VR Tour as much as we could regularly but sometimes, time doesnt permits it. So check this site regularly for updates on our Virtual Tour.

For now, explore our site and enjoy your visit to Philippines lovely places.

As of the time being, most panorama scenes are from Bohol.  Here are some short clips:


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  2. hi i am the creator of the virtual tour website, i was surprise that you featured it in you blog, i was looking for other virtualtour website thru google and i stumbled here on your site. yes you were right this could be an amazing concept but time and budget to do it full time does not permit it 😀 plus the effort to create story about whats being featured is time consuming for me. im not a writer im a designer so its hard for me to create words to describe (ok sana kung tagalog lang).

    are you from bohol? my parents were boholanos specifically in panglao. we visit bohol almost every year during summer. thats why almost all of the feature 360tour you see on the site is in bohol. havent updated it since i uploaded it. i was planning to do a dedicated 360tour of bohol but then again i can only do the 360tour and i need more time to travel around bohol, hope someday will be able to finish my site my plan and feature more of bohol or even philippines to it.

    neways thanks for featuring my site here, good luck on your endeavor and to this blogs

    1. Sorry for this late reply. The blog has been on an hiatus since last year December. Anyway, yes I know it is hard to maintain your site since it involves a lot of traveling, photography and editing but we sure do hope you’ll get back on track. Yep, we’re locals around here in Tagbilaran. Thanks and hope to see your site updated.

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