Lousy Airport

This came in from #HelpDOT Daily.

I ask myself that too. Despite the additional flights from Zest Air and Air Philippines, our domestic airport in Tagbilaran City is still yet lagging in development. Yes, there’s been development but still lousy. One probable answer would the proposed International Airport in Panglao – which is currently halted but reports said that JICA will fund Panglao Airport. Still, I think it would still be better if we try to upgrade ourselves to serve better if we really would like visitors to keep coming to Bohol. “User Experience” and “Playing Mayor” will be discussed on a separate post. For now, your thoughts?

#HelpDOT Daily

By the way, #HelpDOT Daily is now out and our post on Bohol, Philippines made it to the Top Stories.


Here’s a couple of feedbacks from the forum at Tubag Bohol.

wa kaha na tuyoa ug pa-lousy (like not making real big improvements all these years) aron makarason nga angay na gyod ibalhin sa panglao?

I agree, nagkinahanglan ang Bohol ug bag-ong domestic airport…

I believe it’s not an excuse that we need to be lousy now because we are looking forward to serve better in the future. If we can improve now, let us do so. It is such a typical trait amongst us Filipinos. A couple of questions comes into mind.

Do we have a projection to what particular date the Panglao Airport will be completed?

I give it five years from now and we’re still stuck on a lousy airport in Tagbilaran City. Five years is such a long time, a very good time to still improve our services.

Another thing is, does the Panglao Airport means better service?

NAIA 3 and Cebu’s International Airport is not really lousy but it’s not great either. We’ve experienced numerous times our checked in baggages were lost into translation. How many times we waited in the shuttle bus ready for boarding then we’re asked to get back in to the terminal because the servicing was not yet complete. That is not good service.

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