Bohol News Websites

It was bit of a comfort to see The Bohol Times rolled out their new online newspaper last April on WordPress.  At least now you have an RSS feed you can plug in to. Yet, they still have a long way to improve their site as to design and user experience. As for The Bohol Chronicle, The Bohol Standard and Bohol Sunday Post they’re pretty much the same over the years. The layouts are still pretty much the same and the horrible ads.

I’m no professional web and graphic designer but blogging and reading design articles like Old News: News Sites from Drawar gave me insights to what NEWS sites should be.

I believe having a simple yet elegant NEWS website is very much possible nowadays. I just wonder why our own Bohol NEWS sites are not taking this advantage. Why can’t they look like these?

The Morning News

The New York Times

Some good articles:

Old News: News Sites
Why Content Sites Need Clutter
Pageview Billing

Furthermore, these came into being after playing with Photoshop with some new fonts and came up a redesign of the logos. I think The Bohol Chronicle’s logo is great and very much better than the rest, yet, I still threw in my own version.


  1. Earl Migriño · · Reply

    Did I miss any newspaper companies?

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