Tagbilaran’s Trikes

Tagbilaran City Tricycle

Everyone loves his hometown no matter how many things he may see of it that needs to be done and improved. The tricycles in Tagbilaran are both boon and bane. It charges a mere P7 from any point to another point within the city proper and that’s only about 15 US cents or 21 S cents. From the city to barangay Bool, that’s about P30 – still less than a dollar. And that is for a single passenger, the driver having the option to pick another two on the way, the cab can seat 2 and another 1 can dangle their feet while sitting behind the driver.

But that is not all about the tricycle. There are thousands of them plying around the city, taking people to their destinations, quickly and efficiently. When the local government implemented the use of 4 stroke engines, fuel consumption has been more efficient and pollution is lesser. The tricycle has been and will always be the source of income for many in Tagbilaran.

But I am not quite finished yet. There is another feature that makes this humble icon of Tagbilaran’s daily life quite interesting. If one looks at the back of the tricycle, one can see the myriad thoughts, aspirations and inspirations of the people of Tagbilaran. Some are grammatically wrong, some are biblical, others not.

More photos here.

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