I’ve been meaning to write a very long blog entry on my Singapore visit and back, how we got addicted to Ocean Eyes album by Owl City and how the iPhone simplified some of the my online routine.  For now, let’s just stick to some of the interesting photos I took coming home.

Tagbilaran City may be dubbed as a 1st class city (because it’s the only city) of the province of Bohol, also known as “the city of friendship” and was also recognized as one of the (20) “Most Competitive Cities in the Philippines” and “Pinoy Cities on the Rise” in 2005 and 2007, and First in the Quality of Life Category for the same 2 years, awarded by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center – it certainly is not the best city but it’s still home to many Boholanos who are working and living abroad.  Some have even probably found greener grass over the septic tank to some foreign land – yet they/we still come home in heaps mostly on the months of April, May and July.  Trust me, you don’t want to travel or book a flight within these dates.

Artist Working on Urban Art

This is quite normal here.  Not for the weak of heart.

Urban Art

Pay attention to urban art – wires, lots of them.


No Plates

It’s also totally fine to drive around the city with no plates!


Fortified Junk Foods - Only At The Health Center

Well, despite all these “interesting” sights you see here and several more others – these are some of the joys that I miss when I’m not home.

Sea View

I get to open my eyes to this EVERY MORNING!  Have breakfast and coffee while listening to Bossa Nova.

Dauis Sunset

For more sunsets – visit my flickr set here.

Hidden Beach

Tourists pay a lot of money to enjoy Bohol’s best white sand beaches – trust me, if they haven’t been here they haven’t experienced Bohol’s best.  This place is untouched and only a few bunch of people know about this place.

Kanlungon Beach

Lastly, I think Owl City is a great album for this Summer!

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